Under my scan is armed with enough information about HIV

"Early detection, a clean lifestyle, and a safe way to fight sexually transmitted diseases are the best ways to go. After looking under My Skin, one can certainly find a way out of the PETA theater center, about HIV and AIDS. I have a lot of information. By that measure, this drama has definitely accomplished its mission. "

Manila. Philippines. The end of the 52nd season of the Philippine Theater Educational Association (PETA) is in stark contrast to the more famous stage dramas (eg, Normal Heart or Angels in America), which also talk about HIV and AIDS. Rated by its creators as "Drama Anthology", "Under My Skin" is an act drama based on a series of stories based on the experiences of real-life Filipino people living with HIV. At its inception, the play's main agenda is to inform its audience about accurate and up-to-date information about HIV and AIDS in the Philippines.

The creator of these stories is a character named Dr. Gema Almonte, an epidemiologist, played by Cherry Pie Pacchi. The way Rudy Vera made the character of Puchi is somewhat similar to the one described in Stephen Sondheim's musical Entourage. Although Dr. Almonte's role is sometimes intertwined with other characters, his main task is to talk directly to the audience about learning about the disease, from the names of prescription drugs to a How the virus spreads Our body

With a successful actor like Pachachi (another strong theater actor in the role, Rosalind Perez), we want to consider whether this role will maximize its potential as an actor. Does more or not. But, on the other hand, it is a good decision to hire a respected actor to play the role of a doctor. This production, after all, is clearly slipping into a HIV awareness campaign.

Midsummer roles are for patients who are under the care of Dr. Almonte. Three of them – Jonathan, Dino, and Mary Rose – pay close attention to Vera's own stories as they portray a different situation through which HIV can be transmitted. (There are a lot of other characters introduced by the playwrights, but some of them are just referred to as what they do or how they look: Borta, a comedy bar singer, One by one, a parlorista).

Jonathan (Miguel Almendres) is a young adult who is currently in a relationship with Greg. The case of Jonathan and Greg is one that talks about the lifestyle of MSM (sex with men), which is the most common cause of HIV transmission in the Philippines. More importantly, his narrative also shows that some sexually motivated men are not aware of the dangers of their chosen lifestyle.

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