The Kandyman Party has never been more important. Stop Tom.

MANILA, Philippines – The condominium party deserves this re-election, especially now that we're on post-election. The drama with music, a cultural-political drama, written by Fly Quitos and staged by Dexter Santos, has never been more relevant.

Originally originated in Wolfredo Ma. Last year, the University of the Guerrero Theater of the Philippines also welcomed new cast members Nuni Boncimino (Senator Juncho Valderma), Bo Gabonda (Bobby), and Gabriel, at the Pieta Theater, in the city of Kozima. Paguirigan (Ludwig), among others.

The play depicts the story of retired singer Maestra Adeila (Shamaine Centenera Boncimino), who firmly believes in the transformative power of Kandiman (traditional Filipino love songs). With young, social media citizen Bobby and female friends of teacher Dostella's close circle, called "tights," they challenge the political and social issues that press the nation through creative protests.

The good news is: It's fun again!

Quentos manages to strike a balance between his serious and funny elements, especially in those moments that include the "tights" of Master Adela.

The fierce Francis Machel-Agnacio (Maine), mother Stella Casta-Mandoza (Helen), and rogue socialite Massey Miramara (Mitch) fit perfectly into a private voice teacher's private life. Their bonds and their personalities are the absolute image of women who share different truths.

In these difficult times, these empowered tights are the ideal company we could ever wish for.

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