Talking Mujahideen Launch Talks

Manila, Philippines. The Long Pilipino Police Station (TP) staged a "MacDigma" episode as part of the 33rd season of Malu Jacob's Batang Mujahideen. According to TP Artistic Director Nanding Joseph, the group has had this piece for several years, which has not yet been included in its season lineup.

Biting Mujahideen is a drama about the relationship between Muslims and Christians in Mandao and how it has a lasting impact on youth. It revolves around Fatima, a single girl who disguises a boy and is trained to become a mujahideen (guerrilla fighter). This story sheds light on so many issues, such as the discovery of indigenous peoples, war, and the violence of children, created almost 20 years ago with the abduction of Abu Sayyaf in Basilan, almost 20 years ago.

Production is a visual treat, especially with light and projection, enhancing the story's rich story. Lighting design (De Cortiziano) skillfully complements the rhythm of the action on stage, and the projection design (Joyce Garcia) does an excellent job of developing the atmosphere and atmosphere. Production design (Marco Viava and Pa Castillo) is also very prominent, this set helps to create both strength and physical environment using different levels.

Guilin Larka's director of using puppets instead of child actors is amazingly creative and clever. The choice of directing makes the play more effective. The puppets and the drawings make up the playground for the entire set, emphasizing that these are the kids who are most at risk when it comes to war. Although this material was written years ago, it is still relevant today because of the use and targeting of child soldiers around the world.

The play has a very talented cast comprising members of the TP Actors Company and a guest actor. The entire cast demonstrates remarkable skill, and it's great how a small, intimate cast is produced in a production where each actor is maximized to the maximum possible role. They also include Lahorio Nuevo and Monique Niles, who deliver memorable performances that leave a mark on the audience.

Staged and collaborative storytelling has been done by such talented actors and storytellers, making the Batang Mujahedin an important show to watch. It is important for the audience to disclose such dramas as it begins to discuss important issues. Stories about Mindanao are also often overlooked by discriminatory people. This piece of experimental theater is worth watching, showing how good it can be when performing well.

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