REP actors give great performances on Father’s Day. Run now April 14th

MANILA, Philippines – Theater veteran Miguel Fosman is a typist as the go-to actor for the old man, with what do you think is the do-it-yourself-on-a-do Before the end is dissolved. the game. The recent rise of Henry Wolves 'role in Rep. Philippine's (REP)' s latest offering, "Father's Day", after playing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge several times over the course of five years.

As his cast in the show was clear, there's really no reason to complain because he delivers a good performance, for a character that's right up his alley. Although not as emotionally driven as Scrooge has been portrayed, the role of Willows is difficult for an actor as he will have to perform in such a funny short time due to emotional nuances.

Written by Eric Chapel, "Father's Day" is a one-day drama in which everything in the living room of Willow (which is beautifully combined by Fastman's set design and John Batalla's lighting design) Defined in hours. The story begins on a winter evening when her son, Matthew, unexpectedly meets up with his estranged father to ask for a blessing in marriage. When asked why he looks for his father's approval, he says his mother is not approving of marrying his girlfriend (in this role, Rachel Coates and Becca Coates substitute). ۔ So Matthew, with his Gothic girlfriend, is, in fact, fleeing.

But Matthew has taken another step out of his situation. Her rebellion forced her mother, (former wife of Willows) to come to her father's house and agree to go home. Due to his car being suspiciously broken (props for sound designer RV Demkullingen), Xu decided to spend the night at her ex-husband's house. This meeting, not surprising to Matthew, sparks conversation about his children's role as a parent and, ultimately, of their previous marriage.

Another veteran schemer, Liesel Batokin, plays the role of Sue in her return to the REP stage. Known as the Batokin chameleon, he could easily snap a picture of him in a role (in this case: his incredible performance in both "Wait Till" and "August: Osage County" in 2014). The age difference between Batokin and Fostman is a must for the story, otherwise, it would have been a problem. Notable for Batskin's access to his emotions. Her role first appears on the stage as a provocative mother and then, some scenes later, when a wife becomes uncertain about her second marriage.

In addition to sharing the spotlight with Fostman and Batokin are the newcomers Andreas Boromo, who plays Matthew. Just in his second production with REP (his debut film was in last year's "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Harry Story"), Boromo is equally as charming and pleasant as the son who started a brand new life. Wants to trust her boy with her role in her father's house, says director Babe Berardo, a lot about making this man in man.

Under Bardo's direction, the pace of the story is faithful to Chapel's book. But in this day and age, when society is embracing unconventional relationships between more tolerant and / or family members, as evidenced by the growing controversy in some Filipino films and TV dramas, the "surprise" is that Trying to raise that is "Father's Day" is not so sad. After watching this British comedy, someone realized, "Hey, we're no different from what's happening there!" As such, there is a great deal of excitement about the story of this play. Nowadays, audiences demand storage for interesting hobbies, as well as get them to watch the show.

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