Matilda Musical Hearts and Minds Royal & # 39; Britons & # 39; And connects with Waukees

Manila, Philippines. Good muskets are like a musical magnet – they attract crowds from near and far, that even the widespread outbreaks of the global epidemic can't stop them from paying attention to their willing patrons.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) international touring production, Roland Dahl's Matilda de Musical, finally attacked Manila, with its band of small "magnets" mercilessly luring the audience to the opening gala March 6. Killed with energy, ability, and deception.

Judging by the great turnout and reception of the audience at Soldier's Theater, the RSC theater brat has praised fans all over the world, thanks to Dahl, who has given us one of the most memorable children's books A memorial left to remind. Through it

The headline of the beloved "Tureps" is Sofia Poston, who, as Matilda, unleashed a crowd of children and growns through her sophisticated and focused acting, clothing gifts, and hair-stained hair. done. But this is not to say that there is something in this delightful music.

Victory in harmony, attention and balance

In the direction of Matthew Works is a victory in harmony and focus, in which all elements – set design, choreography, score, costumes, lights and acting – work together in harmony. It justifies paying homage to the dark content of Dahl with childhood memories, and as a result, the result is that both the elderly and the young appeal to it.

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