Gerald Santos Make Full Circle at Homecoming Concert

Manila, Philippines. Gerald Santos is now a certified crossover artist on his international tour of Manila and "Miss Saigon," from his two-year stint as Thai in the UK / Ireland. At his homecoming concert at the Soldier's Theater last Saturday, May 4, Santos filled his repertoire with musical theater and movie musical songs that have even reached the pop charts.

As he re-introduces himself to Manila's audience, Santos never spoke for a moment about how he first debuted as a pop singer in 2006. The "Home" of the musical "The Wiz", when a footage of his arrival at Manila airport was being presented on a large screen in front of the stage, put together by visual director Jon Fusto. At that moment, we immediately. Seeing how comfortable he has become as an actor and singer.

During his second and third numbers, "How far would I go" from Disney's "Moana" and "The Sound of Music" Santos agreed to switch gears and try a new career path. The campaign to break new ground at this stage of her career is probably the reason why she's decided to sing mostly women's songs, which we also know is "Muscat" in New York City. Inspired by Cabri, where Broadway stars feature songs from characters they have never been cast in.

As much as we enjoyed the excitement of knowing what song he would sing next, some of the performances did not perform as well as we had hoped. For example, he emphasized the "gravity defenses" of "Waked" and the "On My Own" songs of Les Misérables. We recognized these songs to work for a male singer / character (with the help of his musical director, Jason Kabuto), but we guess (and we're talking as a musical theater fan). , Change of lyrics (usually conscience) made the song less attractive.

Santos, however, contains these two incredible numbers through his satisfying cover of hit movie musical songs: "Never Enough" and "I'll Never Be Loved" by The Start Shown Man. "We especially enjoyed their complimentary enjoyment of this song – a wonderfully beautiful love song whose chorus reminds us of the roots of Santos as a pop balladier – of course this genre Represents what is best suited to her accent.

In the most anticipated production number of the concert, which was a "Miss Saigon" medley, Santos temporarily took a step back from center stage and cheerfully gave his teammates a deserved moment. The guest performers of the "Miss Saigon" touring company were three: Leo Valdes, Isel Santos, and Jorin Battista. (This evening's fourth guest was Jack Zaire, who sang "Josh Groban")

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