Despite the unrest, Macbeth is still an essential theater



MANILA, Philippines – Shakespeare’s works are classic, and one of the reasons is that he has stood the test of time. Shortly thereafter, the UK-based Shakespeare Rose Theater was making its international debut at Mackela by Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. However, it was abruptly canceled. This November, Manila-based theater Titas boasted a local production of Mukhtab, under the direction of Carlos Cariano.


In theory, Macbeth has all the topics that will make it attractive: murder, betrayal, treachery and destiny. It also has witches, which make things interesting. However, the difficulty with performing Shakespearean classics in its original text is how the story is conveyed to the audience and its meaning clarified.


It’s no secret that Shakespeare’s writing often requires a lot of reading before it can understand its meaning, so it is even more difficult to understand it once you hear it speak. In Macbeth of Theater Tights, some members of this struggle speak Shakespeare’s words clearly and with meter, or even conviction. For those who do not have prior knowledge of Macbeth’s story, it can be difficult to understand what is happening in the play.


In watching this play, the first thought will be about Macbeth’s apparent desire to showcase his countless pictures in a different way, as the simplest stage shows punk costumes.


The choice for apparel is questionable: the choice to go for plaid, leather and various simple fabrics. This is consistent in the sense that obviously the characters’ costumes are of a similar theme, but they look a bit neglected. Although you can see the vision in the drama depicting bloodshed and violence, it does not have much effect and it distracts the story.


In contrast, the bare set design is effectively implemented, which uses set pieces that can easily be transformed into something else. The emptiness of the stage makes it very actor-focused, which is essential for a Shakespearean play after all. It’s also very deep, and the audience is very close to the action.

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