Cats are not a nightmare, but certainly not a dream


CATS is a weird music to begin with, and putting it into film is understandably complicated.


Manila, Philippines. Here’s the latest attempt to make a big Broadway musical on the big screen. This January 8, 2020, Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats film adaptation finally opens in theaters in the Philippines. Tom Hopper, the director of Les Miserables (2012), takes another shot at adapting a stage musical into a feature film. This is a bold bold move that cats are considering, music is generally unacceptable.


The idea of ​​doing musical work on the big screen is undoubtedly a challenge, for cats. The original musical is part of a piece where most of the actors, who play cats, get the chance to introduce themselves to the audience. It is understandable that Hopper felt the need to have a central figure in the form of Victoria, played by Francesca Hayward in the film.


Despite poor reviews, the film is not entirely bad. However, for moviegoers, the cast is more concerned with casting big names to attract viewers like Taylor Swift and Judy Dench.


To act as a comedic relief is to watch Rebel Wilson cast as Gennadiat, as is also the case with James Corden, as Buttofer Jones. Jason Derulo doesn’t have the charisma and appeal of a rim you tugger, which is disappointing. Something is off to see Ian McKellen (Gus the Theater Kate) drinking from a dish. Nevertheless, this can be attributed to how disturbing his character is. Idris Elba fits the part of McCavity, the main antagonist of the story. Swift, on the other hand, is neither abominable nor passionate enough to snatch Bumbleurina.


Regardless of what some of the cast may miss, there are still admirable aspects of the film. One positive change from stage to screen is that the music is now taking place all over London, which is very entertaining. Although it is questionable why there are no people around in such a busy city as it is night time, this arrangement also benefited the film.

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