BWW Overview: Waking up to a screening at Blue ERP is a must see. Show off this weekend

MANILA, Philippines – Stage plays are meant to entertain audiences and keep them from being completely intimidated. However, only a few will surely engage the audience to review their morals and their beliefs. One such Broadway musical is "Spring Awakening," which was produced a second time by the Ontario Blue Repertory (Blue ERP).

An 1891 drama-based music of the same name, set in the last quarter of 19th-century Conservative Germany, tells the story of a group of young men they met in youth and youth. A classic coming-of-age story whose main purpose is for theatergoers to see for themselves and remember their innocent years growing up in their well-known neighborhood.

The "Spring Awakening" never loses its luster as the themes prove to be timely. Even the issues that have been addressed to the youth and the elderly are a complete reflection of a society that is steeped in conservatism and still shouts for freedom and modernity. Musical, which depends on the beauty of the body and not its fetish, is not just another story that has been taken off the shelves, but also a period that is far from being socially obsolete.

In fact, the characters portray ordinary young people: while dialects are shown to adults, they are vulnerable and indifferent to the needs of youth who are experiencing physical and even emotional changes. This kind of distress in the story is the ultimate tragedy because there is no good communication between the two sides. Therefore, unconsciously hiding the fact that led to the destruction and trauma of the relationship that should have built on mutual trust and confidence.

With a female director, Masi Miramara, in recognition of this production, this "waking up spring" becomes more meaningful and the message deeper. Musicals are not a collection of numerous flamboyant songs and melancholic tales, on the contrary, the songs (songs by Duncan Shack, Steven Setter) are written through music so that they describe another secret group of playbows and Invite people who only expect a normal walk. Theater. Similarly, music is not intended to stand out from the drama. "Spring Awakening" is marketed as a set: books, lyrics, music, scripts, and the rest, which explain why minor breakthroughs will ensure the end of any staging. This, however, is not a problem for the Blue ERP. Director Muramara made sure that everyone read the script well, sang with the right emotion, and most importantly, based on the importance of "confidence". Ironically, "confidence" is a central element and he values ​​music that he wants to convey to the audience. And a lack of trust – in any form – kills not only credibility but also the body.

The cast is a mix of students and professional actors, and they play a role in creating abilities that can help them develop their acting skills. They are neither the best nor the flawed flags of a cast, they are all right and if compared to a drink they can definitely refresh the drinker – to quench thirst and recharge such a person. Enough to withstand 40 degrees Celsius. El Nino de Manila, outside Erita.

It is not surprising then that Ateneo de Manila University, a Jesuit-run educational institution, agreed to make this provocative musical a second time. It is good to note that the Jesuits are known as good teachers, however, only a few know that the Jesuits are probably one of the most liberal Catholic groups in the world. In fact, some Jesuit scholars such as Baltasar Gracian and Pierre Tailhard de Chardin censored their works through the Holy See because of their unconventional belief in the church's traditional beliefs. Nevertheless, both were relatively acclaimed for their contributions to science and letters. This is why Blue REP has the potential to be a catalyst for thought-provoking plays and for young theatergoers and theater professionals to put their art into practice.

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