Bringing It On: The music is entertaining, but lacks some traces



The difficulty of the musical is that sometimes the actors pay too much attention to their singing and dancing and pay little attention to their acting. There are only a few good actors in the cast, enough to help keep the audience engaged in the story.


MANILA, Philippines – Staging it online: This musical can be a bold move as the chair leadership is not deeply embedded in Filipino culture, but the Autenio Blue Repertory (Blue ERP) is performing successfully. Common Western high school traditions are still enjoyable even though they are not fully synchronized. This is Blue ERP’s “Newborn” production this season, which usually means that most (if not all) of the cast are new to the theater.


The musical is entertaining from beginning to end, mostly because it is so lively and easy to plot. The director is a straightforward, humorous comedian for the music of Franco Ramos and Abi Slate and is effective at attracting the audience to invest more in the story.


The cheery royalty of her school revolves around Campbell. When she was suddenly shaken out of her life, everything was going well, and she was forced to adjust to a new school with a completely different crowd. The story is about personal reflections and emotions of the main character, who would have been impressed if Julia Martinez had a role to play. It seems that he did not fully understand who his character was and this struggle resonated with the audience.


Campbell may have initially liked to say, or even be despised, but the failure of any concrete character sketch drew him into the background that the audience was inclined towards. However, she seems to have a lot of potential. The highlight of her performance will be when Campbell Leprechaun dances as a mascot because she doesn’t shy away from expecting that role.


On the other hand, Nikki Bangshan as Daniel is undoubtedly the star of the show. She has a powerful stage presence, she survives every moment and stays on her character. She plays with her nuances, delivering superior performances than anyone else. Just when the audience is already fully satisfied, she performs well with “We Didn’t” where she shines.

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