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MANILA, Philippines – For everyone's expectations, "Beautiful: The Carol King Musical" is not solely about the life and music of a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter. Although Carol King's rise to the popular music scene is something that audiences will follow from beginning to end, we feel that the show has more to offer than a summary of King's life and music. Is. Needless to say, the title of this show is misleading ("Beautiful" is the song from her Grammy-winning album "Tapestry"). In fact, the other elements in the show claim this production in its title to a great extent.

In addition to King's personal life (mostly about her relationship with husband and songwriter Jerry Goffin), it also exposes the difficulties and struggles of musician musicians in a day when she is a music producer Literally knock on offices demanding the selection of their songs. And when a composer becomes as lucky and talented as King (when he sold his first song to producer Don Kirchner when he was 16), the next challenge is to come up with new chart toppers. Using King's journey as a platform, this music not only recognizes songwriters in general but also appreciates it a lot in the songwriting process.

But as we mentioned, King (Kayla Rivera) and Goffin (Nick Voricchio) aren't the only composers on the show. One of the sources of Goffen and King's success is their friendship and companionship, with another songwriting duo: Barry Mann (George Schulz) and Cynthia Weil (Mikey Brad Shaw-Valenty). Unlike the roles of King and Sling who always point to the more serious and dramatic aspects of their personal and professional pursuits, Mann and Will have a wit and less emotional contribution. From what we've seen in this production, we find that both Mann and Wilde's characters steal some leads from Leeds, probably in the middle of Act 2 when the romance began to form their partnership against the monarchy. Have been Sows that are beginning to reach the climax of their married life.

Schweiz and Brad Shaw-Valente are naturally more comfortable with their roles than Riviera and Verachio, but only because the latter calls for more of a role. The story of the warfighter sling does a good job of communicating the arc. When we are not satisfied with our work environment, we watch it, scene after scene, carefully producing enough steam. But Variochio's significant human status is diminished by the fact that he does not shine at the moment of a song on the show, unlike Schultz, who offers "minimalist, surprising sounds (not bad for showmanship skills). (We are going to get out of this place). "

On the other hand, Riviera is best with Verachio in all her scenes, especially in the scene where she will "love you tomorrow." Together, they pierce our hearts as they appear at this stage as a charming couple. However, Riviera's painting somehow deprives the king of his internal struggle. To name a few, her insecurities as a lyricist are sparking both family and professional life, and she has finally decided to become her recording artist. In this scene, where Don Kirschner (Jamie Wilson) encourages her that she's clearly going to make it big in the recording industry because she's a female songwriter who writes songs for women, It has never happened to us that the industry for which she works is still standing. Female artists are not welcome. This observation either points to a weakness in Douglas McGrath's book or explains Bobby Garcia's direction. Because of these lost opportunities, we also find ourselves asking, "So what made King's story so extraordinary? Riviera may also lack so much experience in life that she can fully fit into a role. Pledge that she needs a simple Brooklyn resident – with a natural musical talent – to have a broken relationship with her husband, and finally, a recording artist for the first time at Carnegie Hall. He understood the singer-songwriter – he is also a strong singer – but in this scene, he is thought to have signed one of his own Recording the songs, "(You Feel Like a Nature to Me) a Natural Woman," Rivera is also lost on why and for whom she sings.

What gives the audience such a spirit to sit throughout the show are the creative and design elements of the production and the prominent cast members performing in some of the most prominent roles. The pack is led by a beautifully played band (led by conductor and musical director Farley Asunciئنn), which makes us the victim of every familiar standard lump and makes us groove when the tempo gets faster. Food Panera's beautiful set design, made of balance and vibrant wallpaper patterns, also gives such a lasting impression. Short but notable performances include those that Titan Villanueva (like Little Eva) portrayed as an amazing, eye-catching "The Locomotion" dance number, Ryan van Gbalenzo as one of the "Writers Brothers." , And the All-Male singing group as Tim Pavino and Jeep Two, "Drifters".

In the past, this production fulfilled its ultimate purpose, with the goal of letting beautiful music into the audience by the late 50's-50's. This is, after all, a juke box musical. But with the Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group's "Jersey Boys" (which also went out at the Meralco Theater) seriously tucked in our heads in 2016, we think the Carroll King stage of the musical will be more beautiful over time. Can be made

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