Atlantis Theater Crafts A Polished End of the Million Air Approach

MANILA, Philippines – Renowned playwright Sarah Rowe began her career as an exciting consumer of other people's works. His first meeting with the "Angels in America" ​​church in Chicago was unlikely, where he praised Tony Kushner's work for "seriousness, tolerance, political engagement and language."

The soul's epiphany was not uncommon. Critics have long termed "angels" as the most important American drama of the 20th century. Her Pulitzer Prize looked sweet on the cake.

It is difficult to classify "angels" as gender. Realism is strictly intimate (quite comfortable for a church), but its scope is a mystery because it is covered in a symbolic summary of the tradition of morality. High and ruthless, Kushner's language reflects a clash between national tragedy and social justice.

"Angels" draw their attention from the AIDS crisis of the 1980s. Ronald Reagan's policies – a staggering figure for neocons and wealthy rich – gave Kushner a literary fuel for resisting a rigid ideological current. To Kushner, Reagan's arrival triggered class warfare and threatened to poison US politics for years to come. (He had already written another play – "The Day Called the Light Room"), a blatant discourse against Nazism in which a Breton narrator compared Adolf Hitler to Ronald Reagan.

"Millennium Approaches" is the first title of a two-part series ("Priestroika" is the second part, not in this year's edition). It opens the 20th anniversary season of Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group, the flagship producer of Broadway musicals in the country.

We are really engrossed in the emotions of the company's sharp musical projections, so it is reasonable to doubt that the attempt to open the season with a straightforward play. Be that as it may, Atlantis encourages the beginning of this milestone, no less than a strong conversation about the culture of illness and political grief.

Director Bobby Garcia helmed the entire series two decades ago. This time, with "Thousands of Ideas," he immediately responded to a familiar feeling: The AIDS epidemic in the Philippines is at a critical juncture, as the treatment becomes even more ridiculous in light of plagued public behavior. ۔

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