ANG Holding L Bembo Version 2.0

Manila, Philippines. In New York, the theater critic once said in an interview that no producer is lacking in sentimentality. This statement proved long ago here in Manila that "Ang Holding El Bembo" was reinstated, but it had closed its initial sale just six months later. The main selling point of this show: ser Ares Hades, one of the most popular Filipino alternative rock bands of the 90s, threw in some radio hit films.

Since the overwhelming response to the general response was the original run, the show's reviews were not unanimously high. So getting another shot at the show raises the most important question: Is the show better this time? My answer to that is a resounding yes!

As promised by the librettists (Ding Dong Nunavariu) and Dramaturgy (Fly Quitos), some of last year's preparation issues were addressed. We may not miss every detail in the first-time production, but it is safe to say that this current version has two very important changes: a deeper story of the female protagonist (especially in Act 2) and More appropriate direction by Dexter Santos.

Joey's character is now more central in the story. In contrast, the first time her death was revealed at the beginning of the show, only three men are leading the reunion of Leeds. Nunario, Quentos and Santos made the right decision to enact most of Act 2 to enrich the story of Joy (Manchu Luchingko-Yolo), the main villain of Mr Bunlaiu (through which the protagonist is prominently portrayed). Reveals. Jamie Wilson), not only Joey but his Taya Daily (played by Sheila Francesco). In fact, focusing on Joy's role in Act 2 is certainly more sensible, since the fate of her character is most open after this horrific event, which ends at the end of the first act. General Chat Chat Lounge Although they are also victims, these three male leads have to graduate over time, with no criminal liability. So his graduation after graduation is the least of our worries.

Although we are very pleased with the changes made by the creative team in this new version, we cannot help but wonder what the show really is about. Is the show about the friendship of these three men, whose lives will be changed by a woman? Who she met in her younger years? Or it's the story of a woman whose tragedy highlights the intimate relationship between her three closest male friends.

It seems that Act 1 is practically the first point of view that is to be set up almost in every way (though occasionally redundant). ), And Anthony Phi P Palos. in college. If you think about it, except for this last scene, the story of their friendship would be equally magnetic without the character (Gab Penglin).

In Act 2, the darker and more serious themes are dealt with, with three male leads, namely Hector (Gian Magdangal), Eman (OJ Mariano), and Anthony (Jon Santos) feeling unhappy despite their dreams being fulfilled. Are doing Career But, unlike the first act, the individual highlights of the current situation of the three men seem less motivating than Joy's careless and unfortunate life. So, Act 2 begs the other question.

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