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The Bilates are either not your typical musical. In fact, this is a singing piece of dance theater, conceived for the West End stage when Andrew Lloyd Webber had not yet received a great hit, and the emerging art form has a lot to do with American theater. Was more recognized.

MANILA, Philippines – Andrew Lloyd Webber Cameron Mackintosh returns to Manila in a tour of the UK producing the Magical Cats, featuring international Filipino actor Joanna Ampel as Grizebla. Not long ago, Tony and Olivier winner Leah Salonga, another Filipino pride, wrote an essay on this famous character.

A global radio hit "Memory" has been tucked neatly under his belt, which is sure to evoke nostalgia from local fans who made their debut on May 11 at a London stage. Since its inception, cats have become one of the world's music trends. , 1981.

Historically, cats have had little origins – at a time when British dance music was thought to be surprisingly amusing by critics who thought that only Americans could do dance shows, On opening night when a bomb is dropped. Fully-dressed actors and viewers had to flee the London streets shortly after the curtain call.

On the opening day of November 7, 2019, thankfully, the cats opened for a house in the Theater of the Soldier, full of enthusiastic and curious and old and new fans, and standing and slamming a two-hour spectacle. It is clear that this 38-year-old old musical can still go into people's hearts.

The first time I saw (and reviewed) Broadway Mega Chemicals in Manila, I entered the theater with high expectations and a nervousness of thought: Will it all work together? When much is said about a musical that is prominent in stature (cats started the megamusical phenomenon), guessing it – from your point of view and experience – publishing is almost unnecessary and out of fear. Not without shadows.

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